Tales Of Nocturne

Night Time Fantasy Fiction Podcast. New Episodes Every Full-Moon.
Writer/Narrator/Composer/Producer: Ross Horn; 2022-Present

I use podcasts to help me fall asleep. This works well for me but often there is loud music, adverts, or even just sensitive topics that can keep me awake. I had also tried dedicated sleep podcasts but found the content too disinteresting to habitually listen to. So I made Tales of Nocturne to ride the line between sleep-enabling and engaging.

Our stories follow the lives of those who live on Nocturne, the planet of eternal night surrounded by a multitude of magical waltzing moons. Within the Midnight City and without in the Farwilds, we discover the rites of the Lunar Priests with Neven; the secrets of Songlight with Yuki and her lab; the inner workings of the Historians Guild; and the eccentric and erratic researchers of the Society Royal.

So relax as they explore their world and let you rest in yours. Sweet dreams. 🌕

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Ep. 7 – A Walk with Yuki Talo Tales of Nocturne

La Luna de las fresas hovers fully and warmly over us tonight. Perhaps it does so in keen anticipation of what I consider such a seventy show I even gave it the number seven. In today's episode, Someone wakes up late; we explore the Evergreen District of The Midnight City; Yuki meets Evelyn Glades; and Felix finds himself with a new job.  All this and more in today's Episode. Sweet dreams and good sleeps.   Support the Show Share the show with a friend who needs a night-time podcast: https://tinyurl.com/TalesOfNocturne You can reach out to me on Mastodon. 🐳 https://mastodon.online/@roho
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